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by Admin21. September 2014 14:42

Checked out the newest addition to the neighborhood: Salero. Modern Spanish meets craft cocktails.



Our top favorites were the Confit Potatoes A La Plancha, and for dessert, the Churro Y Chocolate: fresh churros with whipped-salted chocolate, espresso pudding and milk jam. Yes, please! 



We will definitely be back soon!


Sunday Fave Day

by Jackie Wilke7. September 2014 18:11


One of the most exciting things about the fashion industry is it's always changing. So naturally, so are all my latest faves. With NYFW underway, here are my latest obsessions helping me to always stay fabulous.



Persol. Sunglasses. These gems are ultra cool. The brand is more well known within the male eye ware space, but ladies-- they are super chic for us, too. All sunnies are hand made by this old school italian brand are most are one of a kind. Get them while they're hot, because you can't find them just anywhere. 



The label you need to know and add to your closet: THE STONE COLD FOX! This design team is dreaming up the latest featuring an easy going SoCal spirit with easy vibes that make you feel sexy and free. From robes, to rompers, to gowns, these clothing items are to die for when channeling your laid-back style. Just watch as this brand continues to rise. LOVE. 





If you're a brunette, like me, you've suffered the plight of dealing with grey-tinted hair after using most dry shampoos. It defeated the whole purpose and you may as well have just gone through the effort of just washing your hair... no point. WELL. Batiste has solved all my brunette-and-I-don't-want-to-wash-my-hair problems. Cheap beauty must have because when you spray it on it it's tinted brown AND smells good. win win win


sunday faveday

Sunday Fave Day

by Jackie Wilke23. March 2014 10:51



It's been a long Chicago winter, much of which has spent hibernating in my apartment. When enough courage is worked up to venture outside, the decision was often over turned by warnings that frost bite could set in within a matter minutes. Back to the couch I went. 

Let's just say there has been a loooooot of online shopping going on. I have many new Faves, but these 4 need to be seriously considered as new additions to everyone's closet. Equally obsessed with them all. 


I LOVE THESE BOOTIES!!!!!! Rag & Bone does it again. There is a style and color of bootie for everyone's taste. They're perfect for being dressed up or dressed down. (ahem, hello jeans day staple that is office appropriate). Function is another great feature because they are so comfortable. Your feet won't suffer when your busy schedule keeps you on the run. It's only a matter of time before my self control breaks down and I add another pair to my closet. Get yours: 


This little tool has revolutionized my beauty routine and my look. I'm slightly embarrassed that, until 4 weeks ago, I have been living with naked eyebrows. Honestly, the whole process of using a pencil, getting it even and filling them in added more work to my time crunched morning routine then it was worth. BUT this little tool changes evvvverything. Smashbox is my eyebrow hero with this easy to use powder pencil that is shaped to apply the powder in the same shape as your brow making it quick and even. There is a gel wand that is included to tame any loose hairs. Go to Sephora and pick one up today or click here: 



Professional stylists constantly remind us that proper undergarments are essential building blocks for any look you're creating. Hanky Panky has an extensive line of all lace, one size fits most, bras, panties and lingerie. I swear by the low rise thong for comfortable, sleek panties that work under everything from suits to weekend jeans. They're very low maintenance- throw them in the wash and let them air dry. There's a rainbow of colors and styles: 


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sunday faveday

Chiberia Survival Guide

by Admin10. February 2014 19:35

Snow. Wind. Sub zero temperatures. Let's throw a cherry on top of this Chiberia sundae with an early morning commute and you've got our winter in a nutshell. While hibernating through the polar vortex, we found a few essentials to help us get through:



  • We love these custom wine charms from CharmsbyKarlie -- affordable and great for girls night! Great excuse to have the girls over for some wine & sushi.
  • A stocked wine bar is a necessity! Robert Mondav Private Selection Pinot Noir is one of our favorites under $10!!
  • Ugg slippers-- you have to keep those feetsies warm!
  • Cure dry winter skin with Bliss body butter.  Vanilla & bergamont, and lemon & sage scents are my top picks!
  • A dark pair of shades to hide the disdain on your face from running around in -30 temps is a must.



The Commuter Bag: Keeping up with Working Girls Everywhere

by Jackie Wilke4. November 2013 14:16


If your schedule looks like ours (and we have a feeling it does), then you understand what it's like to be on the go from sun up to sun down. It also means you are all too familiar with that daily ritual of packing your life into a bag that can keep you one step ahead of whatever life throws at you.


For this reason, selecting the perfect commuter bag is crucial so you find a bag can keep up and work for you!


After many years of experience, we would add life-toting to our job skills and have learned the perfect commuter bag must check the boxes of function, style and durability. Good and bad news is there are a lot of options out there. To take some of the search work out of the process for you, we selected 3 of our top contenders that check all these boxes and get rave reviews by stylists and fellow work day warriors.
Effortless chic, here we come!

Longchamp: Le Pliage- Large Tote
Key Features
- Nylon exterior
- Water proof
- Zipper for full closure
- Flexible Structure, packable
- Lots of space


Kate Spade: Cedar Street Harmony- Medium Tote
Key Features
- Treated Leather
- Classic Structure
- Top Zipper
- Internal pockets keep you organized

Louis Vuitton: Neverfull GM
Key Features
- Designer
- Treated, durable leather
- Flexible body
- This bad boy holds everything

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All About Bruschetta

by Hannah Jacobsen7. April 2013 19:59



Working all day & balancing a social life can be a challenge!! After a long day in the office, it can be a bit overwhelming to play the charming hostess. One of our favorite things to whip up when entertaining is bruschetta. Bread….Cheese….together…it’s perfection!


We love to get creative and improvise with our bruschetta before girls night or hosting a pre-party—and especially appreciate the simplicity of the recipes and easy prep!


Check out 3 of our faves below, and don’t be afraid to get creative on your own!!


#1 Traditional:

            8 plum tomatoes – diced.

            1/3 c chopped basil            

            2 tsp olive oil

            2 cloves garlic—minced

            1 tbsp balsamic

            ¼ tsp salt

            ¼ tsp pepper

            ¼ c shredded parmesan cheese

In a bowl, toss together the tomatoes, basil, Parmesan cheese, and garlic. Mix in the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, kosher salt, and pepper.


#2: Apple/Honey/Goat Cheese

            2 green apples—sliced

            Honey (for drizzling on top)

            Goat Cheese (softened)

Spread the goat cheese evenly on your toasted bread pieces. Layer 2 apple slices. Drizzle honey over the top.


#3 Cheddar/Avacado/Balsamic

1 avacado—sliced

Cheddar cheese—we recommend Prarie Breeze Cheddar

Balsamic (about 2 tbsp)


Drizzle balsamic on toasted bread pieces. Layer on 2 small cheddar cheese pieces. Top with 1 chunk avacado.



Preheat oven to 325

Cut your loaf of bread into pieces ( we like to keep experimenting with different kinds— baguette or a Ciabatta are our faves)

Drizzle some olive oil & sprinkle sea salt on bread

Pop in the oven for about 10-15 min

Now top with your favorite recipes! Also—when the weather finally decides to warm up, you can toss the bread on the grill if you have one!!

Nom nom nom


Ladies who Brunch- Prasino

by Hannah Jacobsen6. April 2013 11:44

Jackie and I went to Prasino for brunch-- it was delicious! We had the Farm Flatbread, Jump Start Tacos and the Braised Short Rib Skillet. 



I had the Q-Mary Bloody Mary with organic cucumber vodka. Jackie tried the Prasi-mosa with organic prosecco.

We give this place 3 rise and shine points, def worth getting up for!                                                                                                                                h.



Sunday Faveday

by Jackie Wilke31. March 2013 17:20

It's Sunday again, and after a glimpse of spring in Chicago and a fabulous Easter with friends and family, it's time for some fresh new items to start the season


Whether it's slushy snow or rainy days, you've got to have a solid pair of rain boots. My Hunters stay tried and true through all weather.



Pearly whites are an all-year-long essential. Can't stand white strips? Me neither. Try this new whitening mouthwash-- 60 seconds. Genius.


No girl should go without this top coat. I have to give Hannah credit for this essential find. Your polish change will look shiny and it dries so fast it almost makes it hard to smudge it-- for reals.


These little gems were a gift from the Easter Bunny. Not only will they add some light to my patio, but they are citronella to keep any little buggies away on those summer nights.

Dear spring, get here please!




Sunday Faveday

by Hannah Jacobsen10. March 2013 12:27


There are so many amazing products out there and we want to share our faves with you!

1. Bath & Body Works Cinnamon Frosting candle-- my entire apartment smells amazing from this 3-wick candle!

2. Essie nailpolish in "Stylenomics" -- great winter color with a hint of dark emerald green.

3. Frederick Fekkai Smoothing Hair Serum-- loving how shiny it makes my hair after flat ironing! You can pick this up at Target!

4. Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum-- my favorite winter scent.





Let's get this Party Started!

by Jackie Wilke3. March 2013 16:03

Welcome to Beyond the Dress Code! We are two young ladies living the life downtown in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to our budding careers in the finance industry, we also are obsessed with all things fashion. Adapting to our new corporate environment, we quickly realized how to bring our two worlds together and make fashion work in the workplace.

Our goal is to help young professionals look and feel fabulous within the restrictions of a corporate dress code. At the end of a long day, we also look forward to exploring what the city has to offer and want to share our experiences with you.

We hope you enjoy our journey in the pursuit of a fabulous and funfilled balance between work and play.


Jackie and Hannah